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1. Hemodialysis

Access Device Categories

Cannulas    Fistula Needle    Needleless  

Repair/Thombectomy Single Needle   Shunt/Access-Related Products 

Trays  Vascular Catheters  Vascular Grafts

Blood Lines

Blood Monitoring Device Categories

Access Recirculation     Blood Volume   Blood Flow   

Coagulation/Heparin   Hematocrit    Oxygen Saturation    Urea

Blood Pressure Monitors

Chemical Testing / Reagents

Concentrate Categories

Acetate/Acid/Bicarbonate   Bath & Infusate Formulations (Custom Baths)

Delivery Systems    Liquid Bicarbonate    Mixing Systems

Dialyzer Categories

High Flux   Hemofilters

Hollow Fiber   Parallel Plate   Pediatric

Equipment (Machine Components) Categories

Air/Foam Detectors    Blood Pumps

Heparin Infusion     IV Infusion Pumps

Hemodialysis Machine Categories

New Delivery Systems for Clinics   Home Use

Portable   Refurbished   Repair, Calibration, and Maintenance

Home Hemodialysis Care

Meters, Conductivity for Dialysate

Mobile Acute Hemodialysis

Providers (Dialysis Unit Chains)

Reprocessing, Dialyzer - Categories

Reuse Machines   Reuse Info Management   Reuse Supplies


Supply Categories

Arm Clamps / Pressure Bands   Bandages, Dressings    Blood Line Clamps  

Connectors, Recirc     Home Care   On/Off (Prep) Kits  Priming Sets  

Solution Administration Sets   Transducer Protectors

Miscellaneous / General Hemodialysis Supplies

2. Peritoneal Dialysis


Catheter Insertion Trays


Equipment Categories

CCPD Machines   Dialysate Fluid Warmer   IPD Machines

Home Care Services


PD Supplies Categories

CAPD    CCPD    IPD    Miscellaneous/ General PD Supplies

3. ESRD-related Therapies


Hemofilters / Dialyzers    Machines and Supplies

Hemofiltration Categories

Hemofilters Machines and Supplies


Hepatic Failure Treatment

IDPN Therapy (Intradialytic Parenteral Nutrition)

IPN Therapy (Intraperitoneal Parenteral Nutrition)



4. Pharmaceuticals / Dietary

Anemia Management     Blood Pressure Control     Calcium/Phosphorus/Bone Disease

Diabetes Management      Dietary      Hepatitis-Related     Immune Support

Pharmacy Services     Transplant Immunosuppresants     Metabolism/Renal Vitamins

Other ESRD-Related Pharmaceuticals

5. Water Treatment

Activated Carbon     Consulting     Deionization      Filters

Reverse Osmosis     Softening      Testing     Ultrafiltration

Miscellaneous Water-related Equipment and Supplies

6. Travel / Cruises

Cruises / Group Tours / Individual Travel    Dialysis Facilities in US/Canada

Facilities in Europe    Facilities in Asia    Facilities in Africa / Middle East

Facilities in Australia / NZ/ Oceania      Carribean/Central and South America

7. Laboratories / Testing / Analysis

Blood Analyzers    Coagulation Testing     Laboratory Services    Lab Supplies

8. Computers

Billing Software     Education & Training (CBT)      Electronic Claims Software

Hardware     Medical Records Software     Treatment Monitoring

Urea Kinetic Modeling

9. Management Services / Consulting / Design

Acquisitions (Facility)     Consultants (Financal / Reimbursement)    Group Purchasing

Facility Design/Construction     Facility Management Services       Leasing / Financing

Recruiting     Staffing  Service      Technical Services / Consulting

10. Infection Control

Disinfectants, Antibacterials      Gloves       Protective Clothing

Eye/Face Covers    Foot Covers       Related Equipment and Supplies

11. ESRD-related Equipment and Services

Air Purification/Monitoring     Alternative Medicine     Bioimpedance Measurement

Bone Densitometry     Chairs     Doppler Flow Testing     Echocardiography

ECG Services/EKG Machines     Furniture, Cabinets, etc.       Neuropathy Evaluation    

Osmometers     Pain Management     Publishers, Books, Magazines, and Publications

Rehabilitation Centers     Scales    

TV / Video Systems     Ultrasound Services     Wound Care

Education and Training Listings

Patient Education       Product-Related Materials       Computer-Based Training

Regulatory-Related Programs     Dialysis/Medical Education & Training

12. ESRD-related General Supplies

Carts    Containers     Sponges, Dressings, Swabs, etc.     Syringes & Needles


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